Bombing In Iraq Kills 25 – The US Responds

A truck bomb detonated in front of the Italian Police HQ in Iraq, killing 25 people, including 17 Italians and 8 Iraqis in Nasiriyah. An American soldier was also killed northwest of Baghdad by an improvised explosive device.

In other news, US forces have struck a militant base in Baghdad from the air. The coalition has promised a new “get tough” approach to attacks against coalition troops in Iraq.

It is clear that we need to go on the offensive to eliminate the attacks against the Iraqi people and the coalition. However, I’m not sure this is the solution. If it works, excellent – however, if we start producing large amounts of civilian casualties it may turn against it. Here’s wishing that this strike has hit the terrorists in Iraq and hit them hard.

UPDATE: The attack may not have been an airstrike – the Army is now reporting that Bradley Fighting Vehicles were using their chain guns to destroy the warehouse used by the militants. If this is true it would mean that the chances of hitting civilians would be very slim.

One thought on “Bombing In Iraq Kills 25 – The US Responds

  1. The military has confirmed that A-10 aircraft were involved in the strike, which takes it back off of the “proportional and measured response” column and puts it back on the “unnecessary risk for little gain” column, next to the war in general and the steel tariffs.

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