Why I Can’t Take The Greens Seriously…

…and neither should you. Mitch Berg gives an inspired Fisking of St. Paul Green Party wacko Richard Broderick. You see, bringing a Menards to St. Paul and connection a road to the interstate is all part of some evil patriarchal conspiracy to oppress the masses. Think I’m guilty of hyperbole? This is how Broderick’s piece starts:

From 1492 until today, the European settlement of the Western Hemisphere has been driven by a cultural dynamic of exploitation and domination.

This is a piece on city politics, folks. You don’t get much more idiotic than this.

For the left supposedly being the ideology of education, it appears that all that education came with precious little common sense. Anyone with so little perspective to compare allowing a McDonalds on Grand Avenue to Wounded Knee has more than a few screws loose. This is why the Greens will never be a major party in this country, their sense of incredible self-superiority and lack of any perspective firmly ensures their status as a party for and by the screwball left.

One thought on “Why I Can’t Take The Greens Seriously…

  1. The Greens will never be a major party in America for the same reason that the Reform and Independence parties will never be major parties for the long-term….our system of government will only be functional to those who work within its narrow structure. Jim Jeffords and Bernie Sanders have to align themselves with the Democrats even though they’re Independents, otherwise they could be assured they would never get so much as a stop sign for their districts. The real third party cowboys like Jesse Ventura learn quickly that our political system has no place for them.

    There are enough would-be Greens in this country to make them a force to be reckoned with if we operated in a fragmented European-style coalition government. If we adopted this style of government, the Greens would be fairly well represented as local, state and federal representatives. In other words, your analogy is only half right…which is half more than usual.

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