Back In The Heartland

After a nearly 6 hours in various moving vehicles, I’m finally back. For all the worries about terrorism, JFK was pretty quiet. I flew out through the Delta terminal, which was practically empty. I did the usual removing shoes, laptop, belt, metal plate in head routine, and was through security in no time flat. For some odd reason, almost all the restaurants in the terminal were closed – which meant that I ended up being shoved into a crowded 737 with no breakfast – which is not my idea of a pleasant morning.

Despite all that, I did get to see some good shows on Broadway and managed to swing through the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in DC. It may have a slightly odd name, but for an aviation nut like myself it’s incredible. They had everything from the prototype to the F-22 Raptor to Langley’s Aerodrome, as well as the Enola Gay and the space Shuttle Enterprise. It was only a $7 round-trip ticket from the Air and Space Museum on the Mall, which was quite a good deal.

Also, I have to admit, these things are pure gold. I have terrible problems with cabin pressure changes, and usually end up wincing through most descents – however those earplugs seemed to make things infinitely better.

I’ll try and blog some more once my brain rejoins this timezone…

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