The Cowardly Congressman

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is dressing down Congressman Christopher Shays (R-CN) for his comments telling Times Square partygoers to stay home and worry about terrorism.

Shays has a point, but it’s the wrong point. Yes, Times Square would be a target. So would any big gathering. However, that doesn’t justify cowering in fear instead of going outside and enjoying life. The whole point of terrorism is to terrorize (obviously enough) and we don’t need a Congressman warning people of the risk. Everyone there knows there’s a risk, but you’d better believe that Times Square will still be packed.

There’s a very good reason for it. Becuase it’s a big middle finger to the jihadis that says they can take their terrorist chatter and shove it. It’s the American reaction. We either live in fear, or we just live and be mindful of the risks.

If there’s a threat that needs to be made public, then he should make it. However, I would suggest that Shays grows a pair and takes a look at Israel, a country that knows a thing or two about terrorism. The Israelis haven’t surrendered to fear after years of inhuman attack – and neither should we.

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