Worth 1,000 Words

The Washington Post has an article on this interesting little image taken when John F. "I served in Vietnam, you know…" Kerry went to a New Hampshire high school.

The student wearing the shirt chalks it up to an honest mistake:

The student told the Monitor that he did not mean to make a political statement with the shirt, which features the likeness of “Psycho Chihuahua,” a talking Mexican dog whose appearance in Taco Bell commercials is the subject of recent litigation. “I completely forgot that he” — Kerry, not the Chihuahua — “was coming,” LaGuardia, 17, told the Monitor. “I asked, ‘Do I have time to ride home to change?’ But I didn’t.”

One finds this explanation suspect; LaGuardia admitted that he is a Republican. Either way, giddy rival campaigns see a metaphor. The image could be the most damaging since Kerry was captured nibbling at a cheese steak in Philadelphia after requesting Swiss cheese.

It probably was a coincidence, but what a coincidence it is…

One thought on “Worth 1,000 Words

  1. It also looks like the chihuahua is something of a “duckbunny”- from the angle I was looking at it, I thought it was a donkey- which makes it soo much funnier… 🙂

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