Mad How Disease

After viewing Howard Dean’s outburst in Iowa, it’s clear that Howard Dean is pissed. His speech, such as it was, was an angry rant rather than a concession speech. If Dean was slightly angry before, this was a vision of a Dean out of control.

This makes me wonder – for all of Dean’s talk about supporting the Democratic nominee, would he actually go for a third-party run? If he thought that McAuliffe and company were out to get him, I could see him running out of little more than spite. The bounds of Dean’s ego seem to know no limits, and having Half-Cocked Howard running lose could be the Democrat’s worst nightmare.

One thought on “Mad How Disease

  1. Howard Dean: OWNED

    Of course, the biggest suprise of last night wasn’t Kerry’s victory, but Edwards’ surge- 32%!!!!

    Maybe I jumped to the Clark boat too soon- Clinton v2.0 w/Scandal Fix might just be here.

    The critics are raving about Edwards-

    “He’s the best campaigner I’ve ever seen, including Bill Clinton!” – James Carville

    “Who is this guy?” – Karl Rove

    “Wow, he’s gorgeous!” – Beth MacDonald

    “Yes, the time has come for a president who can talk to dead people. Maybe he can ask FDR what he’d do in this situation…” – Anonymous

    Yes, indeed…

    (Forgive my babbling- I think I might have enjoyed my 22nd birthday a bit too much…)

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