I’ve already received several bounced emails that have supposedly come from me. They have not, and are the result of the MyDoom virus taking my address from infected copies of Outlook.

I do not send attachments through email. If you recieve a message claiming to have come from me or any address on this domain and it has an attachment do not open it. Immediately delete it.

Also, please make sure that your system A:) is updated with the latest security patches B:) has an anti-virus program that has been updated and C:) do not run Outlook unless you absolutely have to do so. (The same applies to Outlook Express.) Mozilla Thunderbird is recommended instead of Outlook. This will help prevent the spread of such viruses in the future.

One thought on “IMPORTANT NOTICE

  1. I’m glad I use Thunderbird and other Mozilla products.. I have been plotting the number of MyDoom emails I’ve been getting on my blog if you are interested 🙂

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