A Tyrant Gets His Due?

The Telegraph is reporting that Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe has been flown to South Africa to be treated for a sudden illness.

The 79-year-old dictator was flown by military aircraft to Johannesburg after a violent vomiting fit. He was accompanied on the flight by his wife Grace, personal doctors and a string of aides.

His collapse followed a similar bout of illness three months ago, for which he was also treated in South Africa. Last night, road blocks were set up around Harare, manned by riot police and soldiers to dispel any mass protests. Reinforcements from police, army and militia outside the capital were drafted into Harare to shore up the regime.

I hope Mugabe’s illness is exceptionally swift and painful, and ends with him dead. Mugabe’s murderous actions, his horrendous repression of the Zimbabwean people, and his racism against white Zimbabweans are all indications of the man’s sheer evil. He is a two-bit tyrant who deserves an ignominious end. My only regret at his death is that I didn’t put him on my ATS Dead Pool list.

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