That Is PhD-Worthy BS

If you think speaking in public is bad, imagine being an engineer who has been mistaken for an expert on economics and flown to China to give a series of lectures on the global financial system. Imagine faking your way through most of it…

I’ve BSed my way through several economic speeches before, but I think this guy has earned a Ph.D. in bullshitting…

2 thoughts on “That Is PhD-Worthy BS

  1. Hell, if having an MBA from an Ivy League school doesn’t negate the excuse that a person is “not a statistician” when he flubs a jobs report that the best economic minds in the country had pourn over, I can believe an engineering student pulled this off.

    Okay, so that’s a bit of a troll. Sue me. I’m pissed off at how Greg Mankiw is getting dragged through the mud, and I had to vent.

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