The Sham Of Iranian "Democracy"

I haven’t been nearly as active on the Iranian election as I should have, although the results of those elections were never really in doubt. the rigged elections resulted in a predictable win for the hardliners, meaning that any hope of a peaceful transition to democracy in Iran have been shattered.

As always, CNN is demonstrating incredible cluelessness on the Iranian elections. Stephen Green takes them to the woodshed for it – as they rightly deserve.

Already a few clashes have occurred between reformers and Iranian police as voters tried to fight against the vote-rigging of the hardline Islamists.

I fear that Iran is soon to be plunged into civil war as the Iranian people become sick and tired of being mired in a 14th-century theocracy, their voices silenced, and the opportunities to remove their cancerous government stymied by the mullahs. The reformist movement may have been dealt a cruel blow by the Iranian theocracy, but it will not end the Iranian people’s desire for freedom and democracy.

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