Manufactured Outrage

Glenn Reynolds notes that the media is finally catching on to the discovey that the outrage about Bush’s ads and September 11 was entirely manufactured by a left-wing group attached to Teresa Heinz-Kerry. As Reynolds notes:

Could this be a campaign-finance law violation? I don’t know enough to tell, but it’s certainly an end-run, legal or otherwise. But it’s yet another reason to wonder why the finances of nonprofits don’t get more scrutiny — and why the press is so ready to take these sorts of groups at face value, instead of looking into where their money comes from.

And, once again, it looks as if another “peace” group isn’t really for peace, but simply on the other side. And, apparently, on Kerry’s side as well.

That should bother him, and at least some of his supporters. Shouldn’t it?

I wouldn’t be holding my breath for that one.

However, this is illustrative of what many in the blogosphere have known for somet time – the media can’t be trusted. The media isn’t fair, it isn’t objective, and it can’t do the most basic research. Stories are filtered through an ideological lens, facts aren’t checked, and assumptions are never questions.

Welcome to the 21st Century, where the only reliable journalism is what you do yourself.

One thought on “Manufactured Outrage

  1. A CNN/Gallup poll showed that 66% of respondants thought that political adds shouldn’t include images of 9/11. I’d hardly call that “manufactured.”

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