2 thoughts on “Set Phasers To “Flog Dead Horse”

  1. I really wish they’d just let it die, too. I don’t even think a good director could save it at this point…

  2. Disclaimer: I am a life-long star trek fan.

    I really think that the most recent series (Star Trek: Enterprise) doesn’t get the credit it deserves from the media or the once vocal fans of the original and the next generation (TNG) generations of fans. The series has walked away from the episodic nature of those aforementioned series and has become more serial, yet it is not so difficult to get into like some other popular SciFi series (Farscape, Lexx, Babalon 5)

    Enterprise started a lot stronger that TNG, Deep Space Nine (DS9), and Voyager (ST:V). And the current plot line is exciting even to non-Star Trek fans. Who doesn’t like a group of heroes saving earth from certain doom; doom that has be realized by a laser cutting the eath from Virgina to Brazil. Spies, deception, real world analogies to OUR times and a cliffhanger that leaves you wondering that they might WANT a bad ending to the series.

    Give it a chance. In my opinion, its a heck of a lot better than the Voyager crap I’ve endured for far too long.

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