The Desperation Of John Kerry

On my way out the door to work, I happened to catch John Kerry’s interview with Good Morning America – the short version is that he got himself caught in a lie, and he couldn’t pull himself out. The transcript is here, and it was not pretty. I almost felt sorry for him…


Of course, there are those who wonder about how relevant all this is. After all, what does it matter if Kerry did or didn’t throw his medals away 35 years ago? Well, considering that he’s volunteering to become Commander-in-Chief it’s deeply relevant. The act of throwing away one’s medals is not something that should be brushed over – and if Kerry can’t even tell the truth about whose medals he threw it makes one wonder about his ability to lead.

Kerry seems to be inclined to the same sort of flirtatious relationship with the truth that Bill Clinton had – except in Clinton’s case he had the gravitas to pull it off well. Kerry can’t, and the fact that Good Morning America is starting to turn on him can’t be good for his campaign. (Then again, the more conspiracy-minded among us might see the subtle influence of a certain HRC in all of this – but that’s a subject for another time…)

One thought on “The Desperation Of John Kerry

  1. Of course:no one should ever question the military policy of his own country, and should bow down to any order given. Why bother thinking about it?The nazis didn’t!

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