Hamill Escapes To Freedom

Now-former Iraqi hostage Thomas Hamill managed to escape his captors and find a US patrol today, after nearly a month of being held captive by Iraqi insurgents. Other than an infected wound on his left arm, he is in good health and is anxious to get back to work.

Not only did he free himself, but he led the US troops back to the house he was being held in, where they arrested two Iraqi insurgents. He is also providing invaluable intelligence to the coalition on the insurgents.

There is something irrepressable about the American spirit, and Hamill is proof positive of it.

2 thoughts on “Hamill Escapes To Freedom

  1. Yeah, only a “merc” would pry open a door when left alone and escape. You sound almost dissappointed by his escape. For the record, he sought employment as a truck driver after his dairy farm could not make it. He was also a vounteer firefighter. “Merc” my ass. What a sad observation to make.

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