Micah Wright Is A Filthy, Treasonous, Lying Douche

Micah Wright, anti-war activist and "former Army Ranger" is in fact
Micah Wright, filthy, treasonous, lying douchebag. There is a special level in hell reserved for people who lie about military service and use that lie to slander real members of the military.

So, in order to put this piece of scum in his place, Michele of A Small Victory is having a little Photoshop contest. Well, I can’t resist an opportunity for a creative smackdown, so here’s my humble entry. Be sure to see the rest, which will have you rolling on the floor…


UPDATE: Aw heck, why not one more?


4 thoughts on “Micah Wright Is A Filthy, Treasonous, Lying Douche

  1. You know this ENTIRE piece is one giant ad hominem fallacy. You will notice that Mr. Reding fails to logical attack the issues, prefering instead to engage in little games of photo shop. Wow what can I say… pathetic.
    Try attacking the issues because when you engage in massive ad hominem or appeal to fear, the later being one you seem to particularly like doing, you prove that you have no ability to tackle the issues.

  2. That lying idiot Micah Wright’s book was a bunch of photoshopped posters, for crying out loud. So Jay spoofed him in like fashion.

    Congratulations Jay, you have a new troll.

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