On The Road To Victory

I’m going to try and make a point of highlighting some of the news that we won’t hear on the TV or in the papers. The sort of news that shows the good side of what’s going on abroad, and the victories that don’t get reported. Balanced reporting isn’t about only telling people about the failures, it’s also showing what works and the good that’s being done. It’s time we got the full story.

In Najaf recently, hundreds of women marched in the streets against Moqata al-Sadr. At the same time, Sadr’s Iranian mentor has been backing away from Sadr. US and coalition troops continue to eliminate Sadr’s thugs from the outside as various Shi’ites fed up with Sadr continue to attack and kill members of Sadr’s Army. The Shi’ites of Iraq will not submit to totalitarianism again.

LT Smash sends us some previously unreleased images from Iraq that won’t be on the nightly news any time soon. Captain’s Quarters also chimes in with another images suppressed by the media.

Also, Patrick Belton notes that the Iraqi Foreign Ministry is the eighth ministry to have taken over from the CPA as Iraq continues on the long road to sovereignty and self-sufficiency.

These are just a few of the stories that the mainstream media won’t tell you about – for more visit the other sides on the blogroll to your right.

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