Who’s Fighting For What Again?

A group of gay rights activists protesting Palestinian oppression of gays were assaulted by a group of Palestinian and anti-war thugs.

That’s the thing about the left these days – they tend to project their values onto those who share their disdain for America without realizing that the people they’re projecting upon think homosexuality should be punished by death, dissent is punishable by death, and the kind of libertine lifestyle they advocate is also worthy of death. While the anti-war crowd protests in the free world, they forget those who wish to protest in places like Hussein’s Iraq or many communist countries have no such right. It’s a simple equation for them: if you hate America, you’re good. If you fail to toe the anti-American party line or criticize those deemed “oppressed” you’re obviously a “fascist” – which is why for all the talk about freedom of expression, the last place you’ll ever find it is in a protest. It’s the same ideological conformity you’d find in any other mob, be it a KKK rally or one of the frequent forced protests in North Korea.

Then again, the moral universe of the protest crowd defies any logic or common sense…

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