As predicted, the usual suspects are trying to spin the discovery of a shell containing the nerve agent sarin to preserve their rapidly crumbling worldview. It’s gotten so bad that you could put a lump of uranium into some of these people and have it weaponized by next week. As always the Weapons of Mass Disinformation continue to fire from the left:

Because only two troops were exposed, a shell full of sarin isn’t a WMD – this argument is just asinine. The only reason those two soldiers aren’t dead is because the terrorists didn’t know what they had. It was a binary explosive, meaning that the two component chemicals need to mix to form sarin. In this case, the two chemicals weren’t mixed well as the shell was designed to be fired from a howitzer rather than used as an IED. It seems quite likely that the terrorists who planted the IED didn’t have a clue as to what they had.

Again, sarin is a nerve agent and a deadly one at that. As the Federation of American Scientists notes:

Sarin is extremely toxic-one hundred milligrams, roughly one drop, can kill the average person in a few minutes time. People who do not receive a lethal dose and do not receive immediate medical attention can suffer permanent neurological damage.

If something like this was released in a New York subway, thousands could die. When the Aum Shinrikyo cult released some very impure and ineffectively spread sarin in the Tokyo subway a dozen people were killed and thousands more severely sickened. A more pure version of the agent released in an aerosol form could have killed thousands.

The argument that this shell isn’t a WMD is like arguing that a bomb that is defused or not set up correctly isn’t a bomb. It’s not even a remotely sustainable argument. If this is how desperate the left is become to justify their shrill anti-war stance, it’s clear that they’re reaching for straws.

2 thoughts on “Spinning

  1. 200 billions, 15 000 lives, but now the world is safe: THE WMD has been found!

    It really was worth it!!!

  2. No, freeing 25 million people from abject tyranny, ending the genocide of the Kurds, Marsh Arabs, Shi’a, and Turkomen minorities in Iraq, eliminating a haven for terrorism and major funding source for terrorist groups, forcing Libya to unilaterally disarm of their own WMD program, and preventing the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis sure as hell were worth it.

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