It’s All About Bush

James Lileks has another bit of brilliant bleatage where he stumbled upon the very essence of the left these days:

To paraphrase an influential thinker of the previous century: The death of millions is a statistic.

The reelection of one is a tragedy.

And therein lies the problem.

For as long as I’ve been debating with members of the left on these issues, I’ve discovered that the vast majority of them don’t care about the issues – save the one issue of beating Bush. That’s the sum totality of the argument. All arguments that make Bush look bad are accepted, all those that make him look good are ignored. Hence the reason why Abu Ghraib continues to get headlines even when it’s a complete non sequitor. It’s getting idiotic.

A political philosophy based solely on the defeat of one individual isn’t a philosophy at all. It’s simple hatred.

For a group of people that loves to argue that they’re paragons of morality, virtue, fairness, patriotism, and compassion they seem to love engaging in the crudest ad hominems, making morally obscene arguments, and smearing good men and women for political purpose. The level of anti-Bush hysteria far outweighs anything said about Clinton in terms of pure invective and absolute partisanship.

Even if the Democrats do defeat Bush, is it really worth the costs to our political discourse? In World War II the Republicans didn’t go on the offensive against Roosevelt, even cooperating in not using the intelligence failures before Pearl Harbor against the Democrats, because it would demoralize our troops and harm the war effort. They placed their duty to the country above their partisan labels even though it cost them the election.

How sad that the Democrats can’t do the same.

4 thoughts on “It’s All About Bush

  1. Has there been in recent memory a more odious group of people than the anti-Bush crowd?

    These people really are repulsive…they are literally sacrificing good of country for political maneuvering.

    The Dems deserve to be spanked at the ballot box…

  2. I can think of plenty of more odious people-

    The Wahabis (and the Saudi Monarchy)
    The Taliban
    The North Korean Communist Party
    The Russian Mob
    The French
    The Bush Administration

    Oh, wait, how did the last one get in there?

  3. The mistake the left is making is placing their hatred of Bush over the need to destroy Islamofascism and terrorism.

    Let us not make the same mistake.

    The Democrats may be wrong, they may be odious, they may be many things, but we must not forget who the real enemy is.

  4. Well, quite a few of us think that Bush is the wrong man for the job. I don’t have much more faith in Kerry, but I have about as much faith in Bush being capable of defeating terror as the next random fellow in the phonebook…

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