And This Deserves A State?

Sky News uncovers a terrorist training camp for children in Gaza.

This sort of thing is why I don’t support the Palestinians – the only “roadmap” to peace is a roadmap that paves over places like this. Until the Palestinians learn to end the horrifying waves of hatred coming from every mosque, madrassa, and souk in Gaza and the West Bank there is absolutely no hope of peace whatsoever – and as long as the Palestinian people determine to destroy Israel, the Israelis have the right to protect themselves from attack – World Court be damned.

6 thoughts on “And This Deserves A State?

  1. It’s no coincidence that American adminstrations that are strong on national security are also strong in their support of Israel; they are intertwined.

    It’s also no coincidence that so many on the political left are downright anti-Semitic…note the anti-Semitism as the so-called peace rallies…

  2. There are pacifist Palestinians. Men such as Rev. Naim Ateek of the Sabeel Center and Rev. Mitri Raheb of the Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethelhem want to change the way the Palestinian liberation movement does business. Sadly people such as these fine men are minorities in the Occupied Territories. As Palestinian journalist Mohammed Najib pointed out in the Chicago Tribune today, there is little commotion in the West Bank or Gaza to combat the corruption of the PLO that allows such camps like this one mentioned to flourish. And this sort of despicable operation will continue to be met with muted opposition from mainline Protestants in the US. Take a look at the reading list that my denomination the Presbyterian Church (USA) has put out.
    Unconditional blanket endorsements of dissidents such as Amira Hass, Peter Novick and the late Israel Shahak. Let’s not forget that Israel Shahak was David Duke’s favorite Jew. In the face of this sort of blind nazi like hatred it’s clear that there are many in the mainstream American Protestant community who are interested in dictating the truth, not discerning it. This camp today represents where Palestinian nationalism is heading, and that is remarkably sad and sickening.

  3. Justin: I don’t understand your point.

    What I do know is this: conservative Christians are perhaps the best ally that Israel has. Conservative Christians are overwhelmingly supportive of Israel, and certainly do not support the PLO.

    So I don’t quite get what you mean by your condemnation of “many in the mainstream Protestant community.”

  4. Another Thought:

    Mainline Protestant Denominations are NOT Conservative Christians. No one would consider Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell or other Christian Zionists mainline. I am talking about churches such as Presbyterian Church USA, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, United Methodist Church, United Church of Christ. All of these groupings have been too muted in their criticism of Palestinian terrorism.

    As for Christian Zionists, I don’t trust them. They have a hidden agenda, practice a skewed theology which doesn’t recongize that there is any Palestinian suffering (even amongst the vastly oppressed Palestinian Christians). Christian Zionists don’t really respect Judaism and don’t really care about Israel except for how it fits within their own agenda.

    It should be the goal of Christian groups to promote social justice and vigorously oppose terrorism. No side of the Christian spectrum is consistent in this.

  5. Justin: Conservative Christians go far beyond “Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell” and their congregations…you may not agree with them, but please don’t denigrate the whole bunch. Keep in mind Conservative Christians also include Billy Graham and when she was alive Mother Theresa.

    As for your distrust of “Christian Zionists”…again, I think you stereotype them in an unfair way. Christian Zionists have the most profound respect for Judaism as it is viewed as an integral part of their faith. And of course Christian Zionists care about Israel, for again that is an outgrowth of their faith. To deny Israel would be to deny their faith.

    I do agree with your belief that “It should be the goal of Christian groups to promote social justice and vigorously oppose terrorism” but I believe the way you define certain groups of Christians is rather narrow and stereotyped, and fails to match reality.

  6. You talked about “the best friends Israel has.” For the most part those are Christian Zionists. I know plenty of “Conservative Christians” that are not politically active about Israel.

    I specifically said “Christian Zionists” my friend. Mother Theresa and Billy Graham do not fall into that camp.

    As for these Christian Zionists, their theology is not one of universal caring, it’s very un-Christ like. I know people in this movement who virtually deny the existance of Arab Christians and refuse to support Christians in the West Bank. Christian Zionism seeks to convert Jews or otherwise believes that most Jews end up converting before they die. It also does not want a settlement because it believes that the Israeli conflict will lead to a holy war in which Christ will come back. I know Christian Zionists who think that Rabin’s murder was divinely inspired. This is alsoa movement allies itself with extreme settlement groups, settlement groups which are not liked by the peaceful majority of Israeli citizens. Christian Zionism is counterproductive because it refuses to condemn any Israeli action, and creates a hierarchy of victims. To me this is a moral obscenity.

    Don’t get me wrong- the Christian left has its problems as well. But atleast those people are open to change. The average Christian Zionist is not open to any debate. I find their beliefs to be a stain on Christianity.

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