Media Bias And The NYT

The New York Times is no longer a newspaper. It is now the official print mouthpiece of the Democratic Party. The Times has always been the paper of the liberal elite, but the level of outright bias has grown steadily worse over time. Now, Gregory Djerejian finds yet another egregious example of the Time‘s anti-Republican bias. The story the NYT ran on Sandy Berger spends more time accusing the Republicans than it does of actually reporting what happened. Even The Wasington Post, which is hardly a water-carrier for the GOP could at least present a relatively balanced portrayal of the story.

Personally, “all the news that’s fit to print” should be replaced with “all the news specially selected and distorted to match the liberal narrative du jour” although that might be a bit much to stick on the masthead. The New York Times should be up-front and just admit it is nothing more than the official mouthpiece of the DNC since it clearly has no interest in hiding the fact in its reporting.

11 thoughts on “Media Bias And The NYT

  1. We should just start calling the NY Times “Pravda.”

    I really wish there would be an organized protest against the NY Times.

    At a minimum, I urge everyone to boycott the NYT…don’t subscribe, don’t buy…

    I also urge everyone to contact Starbucks and urge them to either drop the NYT from their stores, or at least add the Wall Street Journal or such to balance it out…

    We can always hit ’em where it hurts…in their pocketbook…

  2. We should also contact any media outlets we know of that rely on the NY Times for stories and urge them to change their practices.

    The sad thing is that for many media outlets the NY Times sets the tone…basically, determines the agenda. We need to work to overcome that.

  3. AT, I don’t currently subscribe to the New York Times, but after your call for a boycott, I’m thinking hard about subscribing myself and encouraging others to do the same. 😀

  4. Mark: Hey, it’s your money…go right ahead…it just means you’ll have less money to go see F911 again…

  5. Of course the New York Times still has writers like William Safire, one of Israel’s best supporters in the mainstream press. Calls for a boycott are unreasonable and narrow and won’t encourage actual change but simply isolate those who want change from those who have the power to make change. We can’t rely on and for all our news information.

  6. Justin: I appreciate what you are saying, but how does one try to bring about change at the NY Times, if not by using the consumer’s only real power, which is purchasing power?

    Of course there is some good at the Times…just like the Reagan movie that CBS produced did have some good moments as well. But overall the Times is clearly biased towards the liberal political agenda…and writing letters to the editor just doesn’t change that.

    And clearly there are more media alternative media outlets than and….plus, if one wants to read NY Times content, it’s available free online (registration required).

    I respect the Times as well; I have often enjoyed their Arts and Sports sections. But I refuse to spend a penny to support an enterprise that pretends to be something it is not: an unbiased source of journalism.

  7. At a minimum, I urge everyone to boycott the NYT…don’t subscribe, don’t buy…

    Yeah, just get all your news from Ann Coulter. That usually works out pretty well for you in these debates, right?

    Oh, wait.

  8. AT, you’re the one who chose to dance with Ann Coulter by recycling her erroneous filth about the cause of Max Cleland’s injuries…and you got tangled up in your own web of lies by doing so. For you to now be distancing yourself from “using Coulter as a news source” is highly disingenuous but of course par for your course.

    Also, we had a debate yesterday about how silly it is for the Dems to compare Bush with Hitler and the Nazis. Once you again, you’ve made yourself look just as silly by throwing out the Democrat/Soviet connection comparing the New York Times to Pravda. Reverse Godwin’s law invoked….argument lost.

  9. Back to the original post, which dealt with the obvious liberal media bias of the NY Times:

    The Times is definitely marginalizing itself. One day they will wake up and ask where their audience went.

    On the larger scale, the mainstream media has already lost huge amounts of respect and credibility with the public. The media is one business that doesn’t seem to listen to its customers; and such businesses usually suffer.

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