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Michelle Malkin has been doing an excellent job of following Anne Jacobsen’s harrowing story of what she saw on Flight 327 between Detroit and LA, and she has an interesting set of confirmations on the story. It appears that what Jacobsen describes did indeed happen, and that a group of Syrian musicians did behave strangely on the flight. However, in this case, it wasn’t a dry run for a terrorist attack, but a group of Middle Eastern men behaving badly – which was an incredibly stupid thing to have done.

What is more worrying is that the terrorists have been probing our defenses:

A second pilot said that, on one of his recent flights, an air marshal forced his way into the lavatory at the front of his plane after a man of Middle Eastern descent locked himself in for a long period.

The marshal found the mirror had been removed and the man was attempting to break through the wall. The cockpit was on the other side.

If stories like this are true, and considering that one likely terrorist was recently arrested at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport carrying a suicide note, the address of a known terrorist, and a CD of Arabic anti-American propaganda, that seems likely, it seems that the terrorists are engaging in a systematic effort to probe our defenses – which means that it is absolutely crucial that our security be as tight as possible and that concerns about “profiling” take a back seat to ensuring that airlines don’t once again turn into flying missiles or are destroyed in mid-flight by a bomb.

One thought on “More On The Unfriendly Skies

  1. Why on Earth would anyone think racial profiling would be successful? It would open more holes that it would close.

    If word gets out that we’re only searching folks who look like Arabs, then folks who don’t look like Arabs are going to be carrying the bombs (and make no mistake, there’s terrorists of every color.) If word gets out that we don’t search little old ladies, then it’s going to be little old ladies (or people that look like them) hijacking planes.

    Profiling isn’t a bad idea because it’s racist. It’s a bad idea because it’s useless.

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