It appears as though Terry McAuliffe is trying to keep the Bush hatred to a minimum at the DNC Convention in Boston this week. My guess is that the Democrats realizing that the featuring raving moonbat after raving moonbat isn’t going to help them much with Middle America.

That being said, I’ve always been of the belief that political conventions in modern times have been absolutely worthless. The conventions of both parties have become little more than massive pep rallies with balding white men replacing nubile young cheerleaders. Nothing of substance goes on at a political convention anymore. Hillary Clinton isn’t going to suddenly capture the Democratic nomination from the floor. You’re not going to see any drama, or anything that hasn’t been spun more than Ted Kennedy’s SUV. It’s a giant commercial carefully choreographed and set up well in advance.

Still, there will be a few notable moments. Barack Obama is rightly seen as a Democratic shining star, and look for him to become a symbol of the Democratic Party in future years. He has an intriguing biography, and will easily give the Democrats at least one Senate seat in Illinois. The Clintons will be there, although I’m expecting that they’ll be downplayed once again, especially in light of the Sandy Berger scandal. The Clintons are polarizing figures, and the Democrats are going to try and assiduously avoid anything that polarizes. This convention will be the Prozac Convention – Democrats lite with fewer carbs and much less anger.

In the end, I don’t see Kerry getting much of a convention bounce. The battle lines have already been drawn, and if Kerry walks away with a lead of more than 5-7% I’d be surprised. Even if he does, expect that lead to go down to the rough equlibrium of the last few months in a matter of weeks.

Unless someone shows up with their pants down around their ankles (I’m thinking of you, Senator Kennedy…) or Ter-ee-za enters the arena on a sedan chair being carried by her coteria of servants, nothing of import will happen in Boston. If it does, the whole purpose of the modern political convention will have failed. For those watching the convention it will be like watching a NASCAR race… the only reason to pay attention is in the hopes of a major crash. Barring that, my instinct is that Democratic Convention will be as boring as an infomercial, and will have about the same level of viewership and interest outside the chattering classes who represent a tiny sliver of the electorate…

UPDATE: Or perhaps I spoke too soon?

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