The Big Shindig

I finally managed to get up to the Cities, just in time for the massive Northern Alliance blog bash at the excellent Keegans Irish Pub (which is one of the best watering holes in the Cities…). The place was jumping with such notables as Mitch Berg, Captain Ed of Captain’s Quarters, King Banaian of SCSU Scholars, Thorley Winston of Tacitus, Shawn Sarazin of the American Mind (a blog that is a new and notable addition to the blogroll), and a whole host of other bloggers and even a few "blog groupies".

Also present was the incomparable James Lileks who is as animated and entertaining as you’d think, as well as Sarah Janacek, lobbyist and publisher of the indispensible Politics in Minnesota.

A good time was had by all, especially the owners of Keegan’s who got to keep the beer flowing for all us thirsty bloggers. The Northern Alliance will also be doing a live event in the Cities next weekend – check their web site for details, as well as appearing at the Minnesota State Fair. Also, I’m told that they will be streaming the show either next week or the week after, so all of us who can’t normally hear the Patriot can get the show.

Thanks to the Northern Alliance crew for putting on one hell of a party!

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