Kerry The Liar

Instapundit has an excellent roundup on Kerry’s lie about being in Cambodia in 1968. Not only was Kerry lying about being in Cambodia, apparently he can’t even remember who the President was at the time.

More effective than harping on what Kerry did in Vietnam would be on harping on what he did after – which is accuse his “band of brothers” of fictional war crimes and aid and abet one of the single most bloody slaughters in Southeast Asia as the Khmer Rouge and other forces of oppression murdered countless thousands – a slaughter that Kerry himself said on national television on the Dick Cavett Show would never happen.

No wonder 90% of Vietnamese-Americans polled in Califonia support Bush. After what Kerry did to the Vietnamese people in the 1970s, who could blame them?

5 thoughts on “Kerry The Liar

  1. The best estimate of the number of Cambodians who died at the hands of the Red Cambodians of “Khmer Rouge” from execution, forced labor, starvation and disease between 1975 and 1979 is about 1,700,000. Ref: Cambodian Genocide Program by the Yale Center for International and Area Studies. Once again John Kerry was wrong, just as he has been wrong on nearly every national or international security question of his adult life.

  2. The sad thing is that the basic facts as noted by Dr. Gambee are largely ignored by the liberal media.

    As Kerry had his convention in Boston, the liberal media should have pointed out how he ignored his antiwar protest days, and how wrong he was on so many issues of importance.

    Kerry’s greatest asset in this campaign is the liberal media…if we defeat the liberal media we defeat Kerry, and score a victory for our democracy.

  3. which is accuse his “band of brothers” of fictional war crimes

    It’s your position, then, that no war crimes occured in Vietnam?

    Or what, exactly?

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