Rolling Them Up

Amazing progress in the war on terrorism has been made this weekend as the capture of Mohammad Naeed Noor Khan in Pakistan has helped unravel the al-Qaeda network in the area leading to the arrest of several major Qaeda leaders including Qaeda high-up Qari Saifullah Akhtar have led investigators closer and closer to the leaders of al-Qaeda.

The Pakistanis have been assisting in these investigations, and Akhtar is suspected of being involved in at least two assassination attempts against Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf.

Every arrest diminishes al-Qaeda’s operational capabilities, and hopefully these latest batch of arrests will prevent thousands of deaths and lead investigators to the whereabouts of top Qaeda leaders such as Osama bin Laden.

6 thoughts on “Rolling Them Up

  1. Amazing progress in the war on terrorism has been made this weekend

    Yeah, amazing. That almost makes up a tenth of what we lost when the Adminstration exposed our mole in the Al-Queda network.

  2. Horror of horrors, I’m actually going to agree with Chet here, at least somewhat. Burning the mole does seem to be an ill-considered response to charges that the regional Oranges were politically-motivated. At the very least, they shouldn’t have used Khan’s name when they told the NYT (on background) that they’d flipped a high-level AQ guy.

    OTOH, would the Administration have had to respond at all if not for charges that the alerts were politically motivated?

  3. The problem being that other than shadowy sources in Pakistani Intelligence (which leaks like a sieve), there’s no evidence Khan was a “mole”. Even if there was some kind of sting operation, there’s no guarantee that Khan wouldn’t have played us all for fools and been a double agent.

    Furthermore, the risk of having Qaeda cells activate was too great not to do something to protect those buildings – which would have tipped off al-Qaeda that we had him. There was no way to keep this secret without taking an irresponsible risk.

    It’s easy to play armchair quarterback, but given what we know about al-Qaeda’s operations, it was the right call to make.

  4. You really will believe anything, so long as it’s against Bush, won’t you?

    Well, I did hear that Bush can’t have an orgasm unless he kills a dog, but that just seemed too far-fetched…

  5. So this guy is an admitted mole and the source of these new terror alerts that just happen to coincide with the RNC……….
    …and everyone’s OK with this?

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