Iraqi Waffles

John Kerry is waffling again, now saying that he would have voted for the war even without WMDs in any significant quantity.

So much for the “Bush lied, people died” meme.

As Mitch Berg also points out, Kerry’s cut and run strategy is becoming increasingly clear – and the insurgents know it. Kerry supported leaving the people of Vietnam to the wolves, and there’s every reason to believe he’d do the same to the people of Iraq.

I agree with Mitch, if he gets elected, it’s going to be a disaster for both Iraq and the US.

2 thoughts on “Iraqi Waffles

  1. Kerry obviously has no trouble lying whatsoever.

    How does he square this new stand on Iraq with his stating that at one point during the primary season that he was an “antiwar” candidate, voting against the supplemental funding for the war, claiming to have been misled by Bush into voting for the war, and claiming that Bush misled the American people into war.

    This guy makes so many contortions with the truth he makes gymnasts look tame by comparison.

    Kerry is the worst of all possible worlds for being a leader: he is dishonest, incompetent, and shows incredibly poor judgement.

    I still say: our very lives may depend on defeating Kerry in the election. Electing Kerry may very well condemn us to a future where we wake up one morning and see a mushroom cloud over one of our proud cities.

  2. voting against the supplemental funding for the war

    Did you know Bush threatened to veto that bill at least two times?

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