No Christmas In Cambodia For Kerry

Hugh Hewitt has more on John Kerry’s fishy Christmas in Cambodia story, including comments from a former covert operative who says that there’s no way in hell Kerry’s story could be true. Just on the face of it Kerry’s story stinks. In order for Kerry to be telling the truth one would have to believe that the CIA would deposit a covert operative into Cambodia by traveling across a heavily defended and fortified river on a swift boat that was not designed for stealth and was owned by the Navy, that the CIA agent in question would not only announce that he was such but also give his hat to the Lieutenant in command of the boat, and that 30 years later there wouldn’t be any proof of this other than the a story that has already changed several times over the years.

It’s sometimes amazing how sheep-like the Democrats have become these days. Such a tale, if made into a James Bond movie, would stretch credibility. In real life, it would be asinine. Yet that isn’t even the half of it. We’re also supposed to believe Iraq was a war of choice, and America should never go into a war of choice, but Kerry would still vote for that war of choice if he could do it again. Such a twist of logical contradiction would be enough to drive the best logician into fits. Kerry’s positions are incoherent.

Kerry is trying to follow in Clinton’s footsteps, except Clinton was both more magnetic and a better liar. Unfortunately Kerry should leave the obfuscation to the experts and just admit his story was a fraud.

5 thoughts on “No Christmas In Cambodia For Kerry

  1. Let’s face it…on this Christmas in Cambodia story we’ve got Kerry…he’s been caught in a bold faced lie, and one he told over and over again for political gain.

    The only question is if and when anyone in the liberal media will want to reveal the story and make a name for themself.

    So far the first tangible charge the swift vets have leveled against Kerry that has been fully vetted has turned out to be true…
    Swift Vets: 1
    Kerry: 0

  2. Basically, in covering up for Kerry, the main stream media is in essence telling our democracy to go to hell. It is censorship worthy of Pravda.

    However, this story will not die because we will not let it die. On the contrary, once the blogosphere gets itself wrapped around the other claims against Kerry in the book, there will be many more fires for the media to ignore. Perhaps it will hit a critical mass….

  3. I wish every voter would read Unfit for Command, and peer into the character, or gross lack thereof, of the man who would be commander in chief of the most strong, proud military in the world.

    Kerry is an outright fraud and we cannot allow this man to become president.

  4. So far the first tangible charge the swift vets have leveled against Kerry that has been fully vetted has turned out to be true…

    That doesn’t explain why the SBVT ads have been consistently repudiated by Republicans – especially vets like McCain, who’s asked the administration to distance themselves from these ads.

    Why do you suppose that is?

  5. notice you do not repudiate any of the Swift Vets’ specific charges against Kerry…I wonder why?

    I’ll repudiate every charge they’ve made. They’re a band of disgusting liars or, at the very best, men who have sublimated conscience to political expediency.

    I wish every voter would read Unfit for Command

    I would, but I refuse to contribute money to the coffers of their racist publishing house.

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