Imam Ali Shrine Site Of Battle

It appears that a major battle is occurring around the Imam Ali Shrine in Najaf where thousands of Mahdi “Army” thugs led by militant Muqtada al-Sadr are hiding it. Al-Sadr had said he would disarm, but clearly he is not.

Let’s hope they take the bastard out and end this madness once and for all.

It appears as though an Iraqi assault on the Imam Ali Mosque is imminent…

2 thoughts on “Imam Ali Shrine Site Of Battle

  1. I agree…the sooner this guy is taken out the better.

    The last thing we need is a more “sensitive” war on terror (as Kerry advocates). Personally, I’d like to see us go in the opposite direction and take the approach of “let’s cut the crap and get this over with as soon as possible.”

  2. “Al-Sadr had said he would disarm, but clearly he is not”

    What was the american part of this deal again? Have they fullfiled it? How can you expect others to respect their words when the US (and Israël in a very similar way) never respects their own.

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