Let it never be said that Rudy Guiliani pulls his punches – his speech is largely red meat for the delegates, but damn is it tasty red meat.

He gave the same anecdote about President Bush and the construction workers after 9/11 here at the Boe Forum in Sioux Falls this spring. Even after hearing it before, it’s still a great story.

He’s animated – very animated. He’s venturing precariously close to Lewis Black territory – although the substance of his speech is excellent. Too bad the major networks aren’t carrying this, as he’s on fire. Definitely one of the best politicians in this country, and a great orator to boot.

10 thoughts on “Rudy!

  1. Wow…what a fantastic speech. You bring up a good point though, Jay. Why aren’t the major networks carrying this? I thought I remembered the DNC first night (with Carter) live.

  2. If only your party weren’t so full of fanatical ideologues, perhaps he could be your 2008 nominee and win in a landslide. But it is…so he won’t.

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  4. If only your party weren’t so full of fanatical ideologues, perhaps he could be your 2008 nominee and win in a landslide. But it is…so he won’t.

    Guiliani/Rice 2008 anyone?

    Hell, put up any one of McCain, Guiliani, or Rice against any given Democrat and it’s a foregone conclusion – looks like Madame Hilary’s coronation might not go off in planned after Bush’s second term.

  5. Jay, as I stated, Guiliani would certainly win against any Democrat, especially Hillary, but do you really believe the Republican Party will nominate someone who is pro-choice, anti-gun and pro-gay rights? Ralph Nader would have about as good of a chance as getting the GOP nod in 2008 than Rudy….unless of course the Republicans moderate between now and 2008 (I almost spit out my coffee laughing at that one).

    Given that the Republicans have discovered they can nominate radical conservatives and still win elections (sort of anyway), what incentive do they have in going with the pragmatic choice when they have the option of sinking their teeth into another four years of red meat?

  6. The 2008 Republican Presidential field is going to be a battleground, regardless of who wins or loses this year. Giuliani, Pataki, McCain, and Jeb Bush are all likely candidates… as well as any number of others that could appear between now and then…

    (Personally, I’d vote for Pataki if he won the nomination over most Dems, and if the Dem candidate was truly abhorrent I’d consider Giuliani or McCain. But it’ll be a cold day in hell before Jeb, or any other member of that sorry clan gets my vote…)

  7. Jeb doesn’t strike me as national material, and I think after two Bushes in the White House I think most people will say enough.

    I supported McCain in 2000, and while I have reservations about him (McCain-Feingold being the biggest, which Bush signed into law anyway…), on the issue of winning the war his credentials are unimpeachable. McCain/Lieberman on the Bull Moose ticket in 2008?

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