The Good, The Bad, And The Perky

Arnold gave a good speech, the very typical “go America” speech, but still well delivered. No doubt that he’s got the ability to reach out to the average Joe. His story of living under the shadow of Communism is an important reminder of why America is still admired across the globe.

Arnold did exactly what he needed to do, which was pump up the crowd and paint a truly optimistic picture of this country. I think this speech will be one of the many things out of this convention that will help Bush – but like Kerry, Bush could always blow everything if he doesn’t perform. McCain, Guiliani, and Schwartzenegger have set a high bar – he needs to vault higher. If he can pull it off, he’ll have his four more years – if not, the race will still be wide open.

On the other hand, the Bush girls… well, I could have done without them. Yes, they were being cutesy and trying to paint their parents as at least being somewhat “with it” as the kids say, but those moments are always painful. This one was especially so.

Then again Laura Bush always radiates class, dignity, and grace. Unlike a certain other presidential candidates wife, she’s not a liability to her husband’s campaign. I think she’ll help connect with women voters, and while she’s not one to seek the limelight, Bush could do well to give her a more prominent role in the campaign – especially on her signature issue of education.

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