So Much For That One

Sadly, looks like this prediction of mine couldn’t have been more wrong. Andrew Sullivan’s conversion from pro-war pro-Bush conservative to Kerry suckup has been one of the most disgusting political transformations I’ve yet seen. Sullivan has taken everything he’s said in the past two years and completely wiped it away – and it is quite clear that his position is based solely on the issue of gay marriage and nothing else. His commentary on the RNC was superficial and catty, his suddent conversion clearly in violation of his previous principles, and his site is now devoid of any real analysis. It’s become yet another part of the left-wing Bush basher’s echo chamber.

Does Mr. Sullivan honestly think Kerry would hold the course in Iraq when he has already promised to pull out American troops on a set timeline no matter what?

Does Mr. Sullivan really believe that John Kerry would honor our alliances when he just called the soldiers who are fighting and dying alongside us “the phoniest thing I’ve ever heard”?

Does Mr. Sullivan honestly see the atrocity of Beslan and think that someone whose values are steeped in the moral nihilism and reflexive anti-American and anti-Western sentiment of the counterculture has the guts and the moral clarity to stand up to these murderers?

If Andrew Sullivan were honest with himself, he would clearly answer in the negative to all these. However, his schoolboy infatuation with Mr. Kerry and his single-issue politics have blinded him to his own former convictions. He’s gone wobbly on us.

It’s sad that someone who should know better can fall for such transparent artifice and abandon their convictions so quickly.

12 thoughts on “So Much For That One

  1. Maybe the “422 billions” helps you understand that something is wrong…Is this how you want to build an “ownership” society, with very bad debts?

  2. Yeah, Sullivan’s articles have made it pretty clear that Bush’s ballooning national debt is largely responsible for his conversion; though the fact that the Republican party has declared war on gay people couldn’t have hurt.

    Quite frankly, I find Sullivan way more principled than Jay; both of them complain about Bush’s disasterous fiscal policy but at least Sullivan puts his principles above blind, arrogant partisanship.

  3. Oh please.. and Kerry’s going to balance the budget? While providing healthcare for everyone? I’ll believe that when I see it.

    Also, last time I checked Kerry did not support gay marraige. So what exactly does Sully hope to gain from this?

  4. What’s really disgusting is watching Bush hacks like you try to exploit the Beslan tragedy in Russia for the benefit of your candidate.

  5. “What’s really disgusting is watching Bush hacks like you try to exploit the Beslan tragedy in Russia for the benefit of your candidate.”

    Your so right. It’s best we all just lay down and ‘take it,’ eh? Heaven forbit we want to fight back against the sick disgusting terrorists who want to murder children.

  6. amy, John Kerry could cite Bush’s failure of leadership for not stopping the Beslan tragedy….it makes about as much sense as Bush using the event as an advertisement for re-elect Bush-Cheney ’04. I hear there was a blizzard in Antartica yesterday. That can only mean one thing….we need to re-elect George Bush.

  7. I’ll believe that when I see it.

    Then vote Kerry. In fact, vote Democratic. You’ll see it.

    Also, last time I checked Kerry did not support gay marraige.

    No, but he also doesn’t support the Hate Amendment. That’s a fair sight better than Bush. Besides, Kerry knows the way the wind blows. When Americans are mature enough to support equal rights, Kerry’s not going to have a fuckton of angry religious nuts to have to brownnose.

  8. Mark – Maybe I’m just out the loop, but I haven’t yet heard Bush say he should be re-elected because of the tragedy in Beslan. All I read/heard was him saying how sorry he was it happened. And you know if he hadn’t said anything we would have heard from you and your ilk how heartless he was in not mentioning it, but since he did talk about it we have to hear about how he’s co-opting it for his campaign. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

  9. amy, I don’t have a problem with Bush’s statements on the Beslan tragedy (at least the ones I’ve heard). Nothing he said sounded gratuitously opportunistic. What I’m objecting to is Jay’s use of the tragedy to denounce John Kerry in his original post railing on Andrew Sullivan for failing to concur with his own foolhardy worldview.

  10. Sorry Jay, but I’d have to disagree again. You were on the Blogs for Bush list months before the Dems had a candidate or a platform. Sullivan has remained independant and is picking the best guy. You’ve been on the Bush bandwagon a year a so before the race ever began.

  11. Greg: True, I have.

    On the other hand, had the Democrats nominated someone like Lieberman, I would have voted Democratic in order to create the kind of split government that would keep spending down.

    Instead, the Democrats nominated someone who is simply not sufficiently serious about this war. Kerry’s consistantly anti-military record negates any advantage from his service in Vietnam.

    Kerry is not the sort of person I trust to lead this country in a time of war. Bush, for all his faults, is. That’s what counts to me, and the other issues are secondary to that.

  12. Read Sullivan’s blog today, Jay. Sullivan has not endorsed Kerry, and has criticized him repeatedly. He cannot support Bush, and he’s very tepid (to say the least!) about Kerry.

    Sullivan can’t support Bush. Bush and the far right of his party have clearly delineated where they stand on homosexual rights, and for Sullivan to give in and support such a candidate would make about as much sense as a black man supporting a segregationist. The Log Cabin Republicans have refused to endorse Bush. Does this mean they’re all rabid Kerry supporters, or that they have “schoolboy crushes” on Kerry? Hardly. It doesn’t even mean they’re voting for Kerry- you don’t have to blacken the oval or punch the card for anyone if you don’t want to, and there’s always the Libertarian protest vote. What it does mean is that if Bush is serious about “pitching a big tent” and being a “uniter”, he’s got work to do, and there’s no reason the homosexual community should cut him slack on this.

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