So far I’ve entries on the links between Iraq and al-Qaeda, the debacle with Freddie Mac, more Presidential election analysis, some stuff on the upcoming Afghan elections, and I just got a copy of John Steele Gordon’s An Empire of Wealth: The Epic History of American Economic Power which looks absolutely brilliant. In short, I’ve got a crapload of stuff, and we’ll see how much of it I can get out the door before it all grows stale… more to follow…

3 thoughts on “Blogistipation

  1. Don’t forget to send any Irak/Al-Quaeda link you find to the Department of Defense. It seems like they can’t find anything by themselves, so they probably need the lights of a blogger commenting Foxnews from his couch in Minnesota.

  2. Sorry, this is my third comment, but this one is a lot more serious. It concerns Irak, but you don’t comment on Irak anymore, so I have to put it somewhere, and this somewhere is HERE. Why? Because you seem to be sticking to your favorite administration messages. The problem is that the official truth is out: Rumsfeld said: “no WMDs and I’ve never seen the proof of it” and “no link to Al-Quaeda either”, The duelfer report, Colin Powell attitude…It seems that only Jay and George are still convinced.

    from CNN website:
    “the report concludes that the deposed Iraqi president wanted to acquire weapons of mass destruction because he believed they kept the United States from going all the way to Baghdad during the first Gulf War”

    1-Irak had no WMDs and intentions cannot be considered as WMDs as such. Non-existing WMDs cannot be deployed in 45 min. That, is for sure. Moreover: how can you ensure/prove that WMDs exists if they don’t? you lie=> Bush LIED (no matter if he was misguided by some intelligence, I don’t believe in that, and his interest and those of his administration and of their business partners have been well served by this initiative (oil barrel:rising from 35 to 52$ in one year!)

    2-This sentence clearly shows that the willingness of Saddam to get WMDs is resulting from the fear of the U.S. Does this make any sense to you: the US ARE the source of their own fears and ennemies by being imperialistic: the snake bits his own tail!

    Maybe you should learn from the past, and stop calling every person “not speaking your language” (this is what “barbarian” means in greek), a terrorist. If you don’t change your attitude, and keep the “proud superpower attitude” you can read the end of US history in History books (Rome burned and was sacked for 100 years, its population going down from 1 million to 10,000).

    Think about it.

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