The Party Of Thuggery

The Democrats appear to be showing their true colors nationwide, as Bush/Cheney offices are being targeted in shootings and other acts of violence. Union thugs assulted Bush campaign volunteers in Orlando, as well as a Bush/Cheney office in Wisconsin. Even in St. Paul, more union protestors barged their way into the Bush campaign offices. Someone shot at a Bush/Cheney office in Tennessee in a drive-by attack.

Many left-leaning wingnuts like to talk about how the Republican Party is a bunch of “fascists.” Yet what can one say about tactics that involve breaking into campaign offices with bullhorns and assaulting volunteers. What does it say about the kind of people who would disrupt the political process in such a thuggish way?

Mitch Berg has some thoughts on this phenomena, and he thinks things will get worse before they get better. Sadly, I’m inclined to believe him. How long before someone kills a Bush/Cheney volunteer? How long before campaign offices get attacked in worse ways? Such things would normally be paranoid, but given what we’ve seen in the past few days and the level of unadulterated hate from the Democrats, they’re no longer so farfetched. As Mitch notes for some of these people politics has become religion, and Bush might as well be the anti-Christ.

If this is how low the Democrats will stoop to win, it only highlights how important it is not to let such acts of outright thuggery change the course of this country. People who would do such things do not belong anywhere near political power, and Democrats should be ashamed of the way in which unions have been behaving in this election, from these invasions of Bush/Cheney offices to the systematic intimidation and threats against Nader volunteers in states like Oregon. Of course, I don’t think the Democrats care – they want to win no matter how disgusting the techniques they’ll use to get there.

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  1. Whoever wins this election is going to incite rioting by activists from the opposing party in times as polarized as these, particularly if the election is as close as last time in which case nobody will accept the results. Clearly, there are Democrats driven to violence in this election. Republicans clearly expect “union thugs” facing financial genocide in the event of a Bush re-election to simply stare down the barrel of the handgun pointed at their head and wait for the hammer to click, and it must be shocking to you guys that they don’t just die quietly. Nonetheless, the GOP proved in 2000 that they have their own goon squads. Few are likely to forget watching some of America’s best-dressed terrorists successfully obstruct a legally mandatory recount of votes in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Even if we don’t see Republican-orchestrated violence BEFORE the election, a Kerry victory is sure to produce thousands of angry polo shirts emptying out of the gated communities, country clubs and oil company headquarters with bloodthirsty intentions.

  2. 10/7/04


    Whether one calls a terrorist Islamacist, Democratic, or Unionist, a terrorist is a terrorist. There will be no more violance if Kerry wins this election than there was when Carter and Clinton won. History (even liberal revisionist history) is not on your side. Mature adults can accept the fact that they will not always win. Republicans are not thugs, and conservatives are not a hate group. Not all people who will be voting for Mr. Bush are rich republicans, a lot are even union members. This week, YOUR side showed their true colors. You are bitter hate filled terrorists who will do anything, no matter how dishonorable or violent, to win. You will use campaign and voter fraud as you have done before. You cannot win without such methods, because you do not represent the majority, which you hold in contempt. Now, in order to intimidate the electorate, you threaten the preemptive terror of violence against the people of this nation if they do not comply with your demands. You are out of touch with the real America. You are a terrorist. I am ashamed of you.

    Lonnie Kendall
    Resgistered Democrat

  3. Lonnie, your disingenuous attempt to crush Democratic morale by attaching the laughable “registered Democrat” tag to your name makes everything else you say irrelevant.

  4. Ok, now “terrorists” means democrats as well…against all ennemies…Trying to instigate fear (of the left, of Islam…) in the population through propaganda. YOU should be ashamed.

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