Draft Proposal Shot Down

For those still gullible enough to think that there’s some secret plan to reinstate the draft – the Democratic proposal to do so was killed overwhelmingly in the House today on a vote of 402-2. Even Charlie Rangel who wrote the bill didn’t vote on it.

The whole draft issue is another disgusting attempt by the Democrats to scare people into voting against the President. What is sad is that there are people who believe such tripe in the first place.

3 thoughts on “Draft Proposal Shot Down

  1. Of course it was voted down now. It’s a month before the election. But you armchair warriors had best come to the realization that we’re facing two options in Iraq. A post-election pullout….or a draft. It’s right around the corner no matter who wins the election because troop morale will be destroyed if the stop loss backdoor draft is coerced upon existing soldiers indefinitely. In other words, those pretty little hands of yours are likely to end up calloused from combat yet.

  2. Meh, it was just a handful of reps trying to make a racial statement. Nothing to get worked up about…

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