More Voter Fraud In Wisconsin

The Kerry Spot has more on indications of massive voter fraud in Wisconsin, where the city of Milwaukee is demanding hundreds of thousands more ballots than eligible voters. Predictably, any tries to ensure that the vote in November is not plagued by massive voter fraud is seeing as a way of “disenfranchising” minority voters. The fact is that it is quite clear that there is a concerted campaign to fraudulently win this election for the Democrats – no matter what the costs.

Voter fraud, be it Democratic, Republican, or other, should not be tolerated.

One thought on “More Voter Fraud In Wisconsin

  1. Meanwhile in Nevada, a private voter registration group appears to have rummaged through new voter registrations and tossing those marked Democrat in the garbage. I guess that one flew beneath your radar screen as you were digging up dirt on Michigan.

    Ultimately, however, this and the Sinclair broadcaster stunt could both contribute to your well-deserved ruin. Nevada voters have already been made aware what sewer rats the Bush administration is after he lied about storing the world’s toxic waste supply in their backyard. Attempts to disenfranchise thousands of Democrats will hopefully reinforce that accurate image in the minds of swing voters.

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