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  1. More heartbreaking news for Bush….

    Oil prices fell sharply today because those surveying world markets are projecting a John Kerry victory. Apparently, even global oil barons are cheering for Kerry because his administration would help reduce “geopolitical friction” currently prevalent under Bush. Perhaps Bush should call Kerry and make his concession now before he loses his voice entirely, wasting an extra day on a campaign trail for a race nobody expects him to win. 🙂

  2. More bad news for Kerry: it will rain tomorrow in Ohio, which proves that God wants Bush to win.

    Oil prices are falling because oil has been highly overvalued, it has absolutely nothing to do with Kerry.

  3. Bad start for Bush….

    The first precinct to report in this election year is Hart’s Location, New Hampshire. Usually it’s Dixville Notch, NH, but they’re dragging their feet this year apparently. In 2000, Bush won Hart’s Location 17-13. Four years later, Kerry and Bush tied at 15 votes each. That’s a nearly 7% decline in support from 2000. Better luck next time Bush.

  4. The numbers aren’t getting any better for Bush….

    Dixville Notch just came in. Last time, they went for Bush 21-5. This time, they went for Bush 19-7. Another 7% decline for Bush in a state he won by one percentage point last time. It’s starting to look like, at least in New Hampshire, Bush will be suffering a consistent 7% decline in support from 2000.

    Straight-shooting ABC News Republican consultant Mike Murphy just said things are looking a little rough for Bush right now and didn’t seem the least bit confident. He basically pleaded with voters “not to make a big mistake” on Tuesday.

    Every indication is that it’s gonna be a heartbreaking day for the Bush campaign….

  5. Folks, this is what happens when you let your kids grow up to be a Democrat. They start thinking that a sample size of less than 30 is significant in any way… not only that, but they take a resounding Bush win as a bad sign…

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