3 thoughts on “Good News For John Thune

  1. The Presidential race may produce a best-case scenario for Dems. Republicans, and Americans in general, went into this race expecting Bush would win. He still may, but every indicator suggests a reasonably solid Kerry victory. Nonetheless, red state voters are certain to see Bush re-elected tonight. That may actually HELP Democrats in the competitive red state Senate races. For instance, if Oklahomans really think Bush is a lock for the Presidency, they may be more inclined to split the ticket and vote for Brad Carson. This is pure speculation of course. But I prefer to have red states confident of victory and thus more vulnerable than they would be if they were anticipating a Kerry victory.

    I’ve been sweating for Daschle since the summer, and his condition has only diminished since then. I half-heartedly predicted a narrow Daschle victory yesterday, but wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he met his Waterloo tonight.

  2. Waterloo? Hmmm, I was thinking ‘Daschle’s Little Big Horn’ sounds more appropriate. Shooting yourself in the foot before the gun has left the holster is not the best way to win a street fight.

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