Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Drudge is posting some very strong numbers for Kerry in early exit polls – first of all, early exit polls are worthless – they’re mainly weighted towards urban areas where Kerry runs strongest. The fact that this is leaking is probably due to Democratic efforts to suppress Republican turnout. Don’t let that happen – get out that vote!.

These numbers don’t mean a thing. Exit polls at this point are absolutely worthless and the massively pro-Kerry numbers don’t even remotely match reality. Anyone who thinks this portends anything is a fool – just get out and vote.

The Mystery Pollster has more on why these early exit polls don’t mean a thing. If I had to guess, I’d say that these numbers are probably being leaked by the Democrats to reduce GOP turnout.

One thought on “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

  1. Four years ago, early exit polls from Drudge were pretty damn good. The big three in 2000 were Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida. The early exit polls showed Gore ahead in Michigan with PA and FL too close to determine an advantage. That pretty much played out. Ignore these numbers at your own peril.

    Furthermore, Democratic voters are in many cases the last to vote. Blue collar workers who go vote after work and students who head to the polls after classes are a couple cases in point. If things are as good as reported before 3 p.m. in the Eastern Time Zone, we could be looking at a Kerry landslide here.

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