So Long, And Thanks For All The BS

Dan Rather has announced that he will step down in March. He’s expected to begin his new career of yelling at clouds and wearing socks on his ears shortly after.

Rumor has it that Rather’s farewell letter was printed on a 1972 IBM Selectric typewriter with Microsoft Word…

Amazingly, Rather is staying on full-time at 60 Minutes, proving that CBS hasn’t learned a damn thing from Rathergate at all. Rather’s personal desire to get Bush took CBS’ already waning credibility and flushed it down the toilet. A news organization that gave a damn about journalistic ethics would have kicked Rather out on the curb for even suggesting a story like the Bush ANG memos story. The fact that CBS selectively shopped the documents around to experts without allowing them to perform a full analysis on all the documents shows that they were intend on manufacturing a story rather than reporting the news.

Rather is to journalism what a week-old Big Mac is to haunte cuisine.

7 thoughts on “So Long, And Thanks For All The BS

  1. If nothing else, Rather’s campy election night banter with other CBS News fossils will be missed.

    Rather’s career was approaching its end even before memogate, but one has to admire the evil genius of Karl Rove in planting forged documents into the hands of sources they knew would run with them, and laying the trap to simultaneously smear CBS News and “old media” at the same time as taking Bush’s mutinous and absentee National Guard history off the table for discussion. It was clearly of Hecubis, er Rove, at his top form.

  2. Oh c’mon….anyone familiar with Rove’s past work should be able to smell his odor all over the forged document scandal. If someone other than Rove is behind it, you can bet that person will be the GOP candidate’s campaign strategist for 2008.

  3. “Oh c’mon….anyone familiar with Rove’s past work should be able to smell his odor all over the forged document scandal.”

    Facts? Any?

  4. Hmmm, definitely an odor. But it smells more like a squawking chicken flapping its broken left wing around…it appears to eminate from Mark.

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