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After searching every video store in town for a copy of The Village, I’ve decided enough is enough. I decided I’m going to give NetFlix a try. I figure if I’m renting at least one movie a week, it’s really not much more expensive, and I can get some movies that none of the local video stores have.

For instance, I rented Voices of Iraq, a movie that was made by giving ordinary Iraqi citizens digital videocameras and let them film their lives. This is the sort of thing that would almost never appear at the local video store, but is emblematic of what filmmaking should be.

I’ll see how it works. $17.99/month isn’t exactly cheap, but when you figure renting 1 new release per week from a chain can easily run close to that figure, no less more than one, it’s no more expensive than renting from a chain. With the wide selection and the rather nice recommendation tools (Voices of Iraq was recommended for me by NetFlix — a very good recommendation indeed, it’s not surprising that NetFlix is becoming increasingly popular.

4 thoughts on “Another NetFlicker

  1. Welcome to the club!

    I’ve had NetFlix for just a week or so and I already want to get rid of DirecTV and just rent shows on DVD. Quite nice with no commercials and I can pause it anytime.

  2. Hey, at least you guys already *have* The Village – even if you can’t get it. It might be off-topic, but I would be very interested in your reading of that movie, Jay. Care to engage in some cinematographic criticizm?


  3. Once I’ve seen it… even Netflix had a short wait time for it!

    (Of course, in the meantime Boondock Saints, Shaun of the Dead, and Voices of Iraq are on their way. I’ll be watching a lot of movies – but then again, when the *high* temperature is around -20 C there’s really not much else to do that doesn’t involve freezing your ass off…)

  4. Wish it was that cold here – even for just one day. Ok, maybe, say, -10 would be ok, too, but recently we were hitting the 17°C mark, which would be, what, almost 60F? Way too warm for January.

    As to the movie, there is a valid political reading of it that I am sure you will feel less than enthusiastic about ;-). But all politics aside, The Village was one of my favorites last year.


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