More Political Oppression In The EU

A group of EU MPs were assaulted in the EU Parliament for expressing their opposition to the new EU Constitution:

The 10 UKIP members, who voted against ratification, held up placards, some of which said the charter was “the death of Europe.”

Attempting to bring order to the chamber, Borrell told the protesting MEPs to put their signs away, or “they will be put away for you.”

“The speaker’s job is to protect the rights of backbenchers,” UKIP leader Roger Knapman Knapman said in the chamber, adding that Borrell was being unfair to his group.

Knapman said last month Borrell allowed a group of MEPs to hold up similar signs which said yes to Turkey’s accession to the bloc.

“He allowed a precedent, so why were we not permitted this very day to hold up things saying say no?” Knapman said.

Parliament Vice-President Janusz Onyszkiewicz said the EU assembly was looking into the matter.

“You will be given answer in due course and in due time, not at this moment,” he said.

“Due course and due time” meaning essentially when hell freezes over — the EU is accountable to no one, and doesn’t have to answer for a thing it does. The concept of a closer European union is a sound one, but the way it has been implemented is exceptionally anti-democratic. The EU’s immense lack of accountability and transparency combined with its ever-expanding power is almost certain to be to the detriment of Europe. Worse of all, it’s a recipe for totalitarianism.

As the saying goes, history repeats itself, first time as tragedy, second time as farce. Sadly, I’m not sure whether the rise of the unaccountable EUrocrat nomenklatura is more of a tragedy or more of a farce.

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