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Right Wing News asked several GOP bloggers who they’d like to see run (and not like to see run) in 2008. The results are here.

Condoleezza Rice tops the list, with Rudy Guiliani in a strong second. Jeb Bush came in third.

I think by 2008 Bush fatigue will be a major factor. Granted, Jeb is a good politician and would be a strong candidate, but 12 years of a Bush in the White House might be too much. Plus, I don’t think he could win against Hilary, whom we all know is the heir apparent for the Democrats in 2008.

Rudy Guiliani is realtively liberal in comparison to the GOP mainstream, but he’s admired by conservatives for his tenacity in the face of the horrors on September 11, 2001, he’s tough on crime, and he’d be likely to be fiscally conservative. Some hardcore evangelicals would vote against him, but he’d more than make that up with crossover votes from Blue Dog Democrats. Guiliani is one of the strongest candidates in the field should he choose to run.

Condoleezza Rice is also eminent qualified, is one of the smartest people in government, and a black woman. Many Republicans see her as the best shot at keeping the White House in 2008. Personally, I don’t think she’ll run, and I’m not sure she has enough domestic political experience to complete on that front. Then again, I understand her appeal. Having the first woman President and the first black President by a Republican would be quite something — and in Dr. Rice’s case her qualifications are impeccable on foreign policy. If she runs, she’s got a solid chance — but I just don’t see her running.

My personal favorite? Sen. George Allen of Virginia. He’s got the brains, he’s got the charm, and he’s a solid conservative. At the same time, he’s also a Senator, and Senators don’t tend to be elected President. (Although Allen was also a popular governor of Virginia as well…) Executive experience is far more valuable and tends to leave far fewer political skeletons in one’s closet. That’s why my guess is that the next GOP nominee will be a current governor who isn’t Jeb Bush. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts is one possibility. Former governor Frank Keating of Oklahoma is yet another. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota is rather young, but he’s another potential contender.

If I had to guess, however, I’d guess that the actual nominee would be “none of the above.” 2008 is a ways away, and the political winds can and do shift. Powerhouse contenders can take a fall and unknowns can rise up to dominance. After all, politics wouldn’t be quite as interesting if weren’t so volitile.

5 thoughts on “Gaming 2008

  1. Jay, you’re right about Senator’s not generally getting elected President, but dont’ forget, George Allen was a very successful Governor of Virginia before he was elected to the Senate. He has not been “ruined” by 20 plus years in the Senate.

  2. Jilly-annie isn’t really a Republican at all. Here’s one guy hoping that the Kerik affair drags hizzonner right out of the national spotlight.

  3. First of all, Hillary as the heir apparent for the Dems in 2008? I certainly hope you’re wrong, and am starting to think the Dems realize a Hillary run would be a train wreck. The mystery to me is that anybody thinks she’d be electable against virtually any Republican.

    As for whichever Rasputin the GOP decides to thrust upon the public with the intended destructive capacity of a neutron bomb, none of the top three strike me as major contenders. Jeb Bush may actually be the most electable of the three, given that he would have Florida in his back pocket and would have all of the Machiavellian advisors of his brother at his disposal. The Bush fatigue factor is possible, but anyone not fatigued by the pathological deceptions of the current administration leading us to military defeat overseas and financial ruin at home is unlikely to ever be swayed towards sanity. After all, Bush is leading us down a path of perpetual global warfare, and “we can’t switch horses mid-stream or the wolves will attack.” If people bought into the premise of continuity of wartime government in 2004, why wouldn’t the same argument work in 2008 because there is little doubt we’ll be deeply entrenched in additional wars.

    Rudy Giuliani seems like a very appealing candidate…..until he opens his mouth and practically oozes slime. The “values voters” who can’t get past Bush’s Southern charm are not gonna warm up to this obnoxious oaf. The 9-11 attacks martyred his dead political career, however irrationally, a couple months before he left office. After the Bernard Kerik embarassment, and the almost inevitably that NYC Mayor Giuliani knew of Kerik’s long-standing mob ties, Giuliani has a credibility problem with both his party and swing voters. Couple that with the Rapture-baiting moral values ideologues who dominate GOP primaries and have no interest in political pragmatism and you’re left with a candidate who stands no chance of winning anywhere but New Hampshire before his campaign funds dry up.

    And Condoleeza Rice? If there’s one person Hillary could beat in a national election, Ms. “how could we possibly imagine a plane would be used as a missile?” Rice may be the person. Republican party operatives must be breathing in too much incense at their evangelical churches if the they think America is ready for a black female President. As for her “qualifications,” she’s learned in the historical Soviet empire which has ceased to exist for more than a decade. Beyond that, her qualifications are extremely slim, unless you count the inability to comprehend the ambiguity of a Presidential Daily Briefing entitled “Bin Laden Determined to Attack in the United States” as being an asset. I don’t recall seeing any public opinion polls pertaining to Condoleeza, but I’m curious as to what they may be. Something tells me that if the Republicans got a glimpse of national approval numbers for Rice, they would quickly abandon their delusional theory that she’s most likely to win in 2008.

    The other candidates you mention seem far more credible. George Allen could easily fit the Bush “charm you while I cut your throat” mold….and so could Pawlenty even though he’s probably not ready for primetime. I’m not entirely familiar with Mitt Romney’s platform and whether it would sell to the Falwellites who dominate the primaries, but from what I’ve heard of him, he has alot of things going for him. Frank Keating would have to dazzle early in the primaries which seems unlikely.

    John McCain would easily keep the White House in GOP hands against any Democrat, but I highly doubt the Republican establishment who despises him would allow his ascendancy to the nomination, just as they didn’t in 2000. One dark horse I would look out for is Tom Osborn, former Nebraska Cornhuskers coach and current Congressman. Look for him to topple Senator Ben Nelson in ’06, paving a path for him to look at the Presidency. Osborn may be too moderate for today’s GOP and has a couple scandals from his coaching days, but still has the potential for political greatness (a relative term to be sure). Another Nebraskan, Chuck Hagel, has the same moderation problems that McCain and Osborn have, but is the kind of guy who would win independents in a walk if nominated. Lastly, don’t be surprised if Richard Lugar throws his hat in for ’08. He may have a pretty good chance if he can butter up the radical Christian crazies.

  4. You must be either a liberal or an complete idiot, Mark. First off, you better believe Democrats would love see Hillary in the White House to keep the Clinton legacy going. And I’ll bet you a million dollars she’s going to be the nominee. Jeb Bush already said he isn’t running and I live in Florida, trust me, we are already tired of him. You need to start doing some Googling and take a look at all the Condoleezza Rice for President websites circulating. They are so popular that one of the owners was recently interviewed on Hannity and Colmes. And you need to pick the leading conservative magazine, NewsMax, and read about Dick Morris’ excellent points on why Condi will be the president in 2008. Regardless of the liberal trash jobs against her, with strong backing from President Bush about her being his successor she’s unstoppable. And I would love to see Mr. Liberal Rudy Guiliani run. After all the pro-gay, extra-marital affairs news reaches the rest of the country he’ll be smashed. And I wonder how popular he still is at the White House after the Bernard Kerik scandal. McCain, you’re absolutely right, no mavericks for the Republican party, period. Mitt Romney, George Allen, Tom Osborn or Chuck Hagel? Yeah, you and I know who they are but we don’t to send forth people where Americans will have to say, “Who?” The simple fact of the matter is, by the time 2008 rolls around, there are going to two of the most recognizable faces in American politics, Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice. And we need to do whatever in takes to prevent another Clinton debacle. And as for “qualifications”, eight years of being the most influencial hand in shaping American policy seems like a pretty good launching board to me.

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