Will Jon Stewart’s Head Explode?

It appears as though the risk assessment of a Jon Stewart cranial explosion have increased dramatically:

Jon Stewart, late in the Daily Show last night to Newsweek pundit Fareed Zakaria: “I’ve watched this thing unfold from the start and here’s the great fear that I have: What if Bush, the president, ours, has been right about this all along? I feel like my world view will not sustain itself and I may, and again I don’t know if I can physically do this, implode. (Hat tip: David Frum).

You’d think that he’d be used to being wrong by now. Hopefully he won’t follow the Garrison Keillor/Al Franken route of turning into a bitter and unfunny partisan hack — not that he’s that funny to begin with.

3 thoughts on “Will Jon Stewart’s Head Explode?

  1. Given that his whole schtick is a rip off of Chevy Chase’s now 30 year old “weekend update” personna, I think a good argument could be made that Stewart has been a unfunny hack for a while now.

  2. I quite like Jon Stewart’s show. I’m not the only one either–1.1 million tuned in Jan 5 according to this psite. (I can’t seem to find Nielson ratings online, anyone know where to find them?)

  3. Well being 35 I was not around for Chevy Chase’s shctick (sp?), so I have to agree with Eliot, Stewart may be one of the most misguided people in the country, but he is funny. I posted on this yesterday, after seeing the show the night before and I called last night’s long awaited turn of events, ‘The Daily Show Candy for Conservatives’. I’ve had to turn him off a lot in the past year, but Monday night’s show made up some of the ground he has definitely lost.

    That my 0.02

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