More On Chairman Howling Howard

Jonathan Chait has a deliciously vicious evisceration of Howard Dean in the LA Times. Just a sample of it:

The conventional rap against Dean as DNC chairman is essentially the same as the conventional rap against him as presidential candidate a year ago. Namely, he reinforces all the party’s weaknesses. Democrats need to appeal to culturally traditional voters in the Midwest and border states who worry about the party’s commitment to national security. Dean, with his intense secularism, arrogant style, throngs of high-profile counterculture supporters and association with the peace movement, is the precise opposite of the image Democrats want to send out.

The conventional rap is completely right. But, in a way, Dean is even less suited to run the DNC than he is to run for president.

Oh please, Democrats, please let Howard Dean and the Kossacks run your party! Please alienate every potential Blue Dog Democrat so that the nuts of the party drive it into the ground.

At this rate, the Democrats are alienating moderates like Joe Lieberman in such a way that the Senate’s going to end up 55 Republicans, 43 Democrats, 1 “Independent,” 1 Likud before long…

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