6 thoughts on “Just To Be Contrarian

  1. Here is an idea: invent a little device that allows me to turn off all the cell phones around me. It is not so much the shouting into the phones or the semi-moronic dialogues that annoy me but the constant beeping and exchanging of stupid ringtones that drives me nuts. So make me a little remote thingy that I can point at those kids (and grown-ups) and just click them silent.


  2. I’m calling my broker and buying Reynolds stock. There will be a huge run on tinfoil as all those people who think their teevee is haunted by a right-wing ghost start twisting up new hats.

  3. Ah… need to show this to my librarians; they will love me for that. However, having a hand-held device would be so much more gratifying: you look at the kid and then just shut him up.


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