Wolfowitz Wins EU Approval

The European Union has given their endorsement to Paul Wolfowitz’s candidacy to head the World Bank:

European commissioner Olli Rehn “was satisfied with everything he heard from Mr Wolfowitz concerning free trade and also on poverty reduction and development policy,” a spokeswoman told reporters.

The German development minister, Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, said: “I expect that he will get the European and German support.”

The World Bank board is due to choose a successor to James Wolfensohn tomorrow, and Mr Wolfowitz’s appointment as president seems assured after his charm offensive in Brussels.

The prime minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker, made it all but official when he described Mr Wolfowitz as the “incoming president of the World Bank”.

The President of the World Bank is traditionally an American, while Europeans are traditionally approved as heads of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Wolfowitz is and has always been a strong supporter of democratization and poverty relief. Despite the demonization of him that occurred due to his stance on the war in Iraq, Wolfowitz’s beliefs are anything but malicious — he is a true believer in human rights, economic liberty, and free trade, all of which are values necessary to alleviate poverty worldwide. He will be a fighter for ensuring that Third World nations aren’t constrained by unncessary bureaucratic red tape and flawed aid programs.

It’s good that the Bush Administration has been taking a positive and proactive approach towards international aid and development (even though it’s very rarely mentioned.) Programs such as the Millennium Challenge Account and others ensure that aid is tied to positive steps towards a free economy and stronger protection towards human rights — ensuring that foreign aid goes to where it needs to go rather than into the hands of dictators and terrorists.

Development remains absolutely key towards not only a brighter future for inhabitants of Third World counrties, but also for the security of the United States. While our military efforts get the most column inches, the Bush Administration’s forward-looking and effective efforts at development should not go unnoticed. Especially with Secretary Rice focusing more strongly on development issues, the United States seems poised to continue to lead the way in humanitarian and development aid worldwide.

3 thoughts on “Wolfowitz Wins EU Approval

  1. The Heidemarie part sounds rather good, but it sorta derails with “Wiezorek-Zeul”. Actually, that name sounds like the incantation you’d use to summon a minor demon or something…

  2. As a guide to pronounciation:

    Heidemarie – “HIGH-de-mah-ree”

    Wieczorek – “VITCH-o-rick”

    Zeul – Tsoyl (where the “y” tends to be elided, so it ends up sounding like “Tsol”)

    Another favorite of mine was Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger:

    Sabine – Sah-BEEN-uh

    Leutheusser – LOIT-hoyzer

    Schnarrenberger – SHNARR-en-bair-gair…


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