In The Words Of Nelson Muntz – “Ha Ha!”

Since appointing Howlin’ Howard Dean as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, DNC funding has taken a nosedive with the DNC raising only half of what the Republicans have.

My guess is that the Deanite radicals are all giving to left-wing groups like MoveOn rather than the Democratic Party – ensuring that either the Democrats will be financially weakened or that the Democrats will be beholden to a radical fringe that ensures electoral defeat. Either way, it’s good for the Republicans, and good for the country.

2 thoughts on “In The Words Of Nelson Muntz – “Ha Ha!”

  1. I wonder if regular Republicans feel the same way about having to share their party with Fundamentalist Christians as I feel about having to share my party with dirty hippies.

  2. Nope. I’m fairly libertarian (and non-religious), but I have no problem with evangelicals or fundementalists, or whether people use their religious beliefs to inform their world view and decision-making. I think it’s healthy. I find it amusing that certain people keep throwing words like “theocracy” around when there is nothing of the sort, and won’t be. I am far more threatened by the government expansionism of the Right than their religion, and I am more comfortable with the political views of such people than I am with the Howard Deans and John Kerrys of the world, even though I have more in common with them on an individual level (advanced education, art/cultural preferences, etc.) It’s probably because I know and associate with people like this, and I like them, but what they would do to the country if put in charge is scary to contemplate (for me, anyway- don’t want to presume!).


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