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Even when James Lileks is horribly, horribly off he still manages to come up with a phrase that’s going to be stuck in my brain all day. “Screeches like Fran Drescher being fed into a wood chipper” has got to be one of the funniest phrases I’ve heard in a long while…

And yes, it’s also bitterly cold, windy, and generally abso-fraggin-lutely craptacular here as well. Only in the Upper Midwest can one get seasonal affective disorder in the middle of freakin’ May…

6 thoughts on “Phrase Of The Day

  1. Heh, and I’ve thought that the rain lately has been lovely… it means I can continue to wear jackets and long pants for a few extra weeks, anyway…

    (Spring and fall are just too short in these parts- no wonder I’ve wanted to light out to the Pacific Northwest for so long, sadly it’s probably not to be, given that none of the schools I’m interested in are that way…)

  2. Nick, you may wanna consider some place in Northern Europe (such as England) if cold rain and perpetual cloud cover is your cup of tea. From what I’ve heard and seen on TV, days like today in the Upper Midwest are the rule rather than the exception in that corner of the world. As cold as it is here today , it must be even colder in hell seeing as how I agree with Reding. Weather like this in May is almost enough to make me want to trade Bible passages with Sun Belt evangelicals.

  3. Eh, it’s not the cold that I like, it’s the cloud cover and humidity. Washington and Oregon are more my cup of tea than Northern Europe. And frankly, if I wanted to be a European, I’d have fled these shores years ago. I’m an American to the core. 😉

  4. Actually it happens in Ankara, Turkey as well. It in the lower 40’s for much of Bilkent University’s “spring fest” last week. But all you need area few cans of Efes Pilsen to warm you up on a chilly anatolian spring night.

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