A Matter Of Priorities

Accusations of flushing placing a Qu’ran down a toilet causes Islamic radicals to go nuts, but apparently bombing a mosque, killing at least 20 Muslims is perfectly acceptable behavior.

Which only highlights the fact that getting our collective panties in a knot over allegations of abuse to a book when there are fanatics out there who would blow up a mosque is both a waste of time and an indication of horrendously misplaced moral priorities.

2 thoughts on “A Matter Of Priorities

  1. Do our “misplaced priorities” even matter in this equation? When our military is engaged in “winning over the hearts and minds of Arabs,” wouldn’t you say it’s their priorities that we should be focused upon? Your crude bait-and-switch about “we’re not as bad as your own murderous terrorists” is unlikely to be very convincing to those who already hate radical terrorists responsible for bloody bombings, but also distrust America’s motives. All that’s being accomplished by pointless rhetoric like the above is scoring the approving nods of your fellow neocons.

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